Who We Are

Callan Custom Designs

We are a family owned and operated company in the town of North Port which is located in Sarasota, Florida. We are 100% American owned and we use 100% American materials and products.

At Callan Custom Designs our products are
More than Metal

At Callan Custom Designs we sell more than metal. We are selling your ideas, and creativity through art. Each piece is a balancing act between your dreams, our expertise, and a desire to bring to life your imagination. We are a family business that cares about everything that we create.
Let Us help you design something perfect for YOU.


Why we believe in buying American products:

1.    Provides Jobs for Future Generations
2.    Promotes American Independence
3.    Better for the Environment
4.    Keeps Labor Standards High
5.    Boosts American Investment Opportunities
6.    Guaranteed Quality of Goods
7.    Guaranteed Safer and Fair Working Conditions
8.    Helps to Reduce the Deficit
9.    Avoid Foreign Political Debates
10.  Outsourced Manufacturing Plants Rarely Return to the US